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Kitchen Counter Decor

Getting the decor for a space is the last thing I do in a project. I usually plan for it at the beginning, but I don't buy or set out the decor until the end of the project in case I change my mind and so I can account for any changes to the design I make along the way. I did the same thing with my recent kitchen renovation.

I had an idea of the decor I wanted, but I waited until the end to actually decide on how I wanted to decor the space. As I was thinking about this space, I stuck with a few key guidelines that helped me really transform this space. And guess what?? I am going to share my best kitchen counter decor guidelines with y'all!!

1. Accent with Art: I am definitely biased on this one because I love art, but I do think it is very important to spaces. Art brings color and textures to a room, but it also brings your personality. Art is really a reflection of who you are and is the best way to showcase your creativity and personality in your home. Many times we don't think about using art in the kitchen, but I want to change that! Art belongs in the kitchen just as much as it belongs in other spaces. Art in the kitchen can brighten the kitchen and counters, and also add some dimension to counter top appliances.

2. Use Trays: Kitchen counter tops are used to store things we use every day. Like a coffee maker and toaster oven. We usually just plop those on the counter and call it a day. However, if you add a tray under the appliances or around groupings of kitchen items, it can help ground the appliances and tie all the decor together. It also has a super power by making it easier to slide your appliances around and access them quicker. Win!

3. Add Life to Appliances: You know I love a good plant and the kitchen is not any different. Add plants to your trays and around your appliances. Lets be real. No one typically walks into a kitchen and says that counter top appliance is beautiful. But adding some life (faux or real) makes that counter top look amazing and makes that appliance look a bit prettier.

Using these quick guidelines in my kitchen, I was able to give my kitchen a personality and make it look prettier! Check out how it turned out.

I linked all the products I used for my kitchen counter decor above. I had a great time decorating this space! I hope you like it as much as I do.

What is your favorite way to decorate your countertops?



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