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Media Wall Reveal

Y’all I am so excited about this post. I have been wanting to start working on renovating our sunroom ever since we moved into our house. But I was in grad school, and I had a lot going on at work, so I have been putting it off. Finally I found some time to start working on the sunroom.

Let me tell you about this sunroom. I actually think it is the coolest room in our house. One of the families that lived in our house many years ago, built this addition by hand. SAY WHAT?? That is some serious DIY skills that I hope to achieve one day, but patience my friends. The room has an awesome tongue and groove ceiling that is stained the perfect shade of brown, and it is a great use of space. The problem is that it is outdated.

We have made a few updates over the past couple years. We ripped up the carpet and replaced it with tile. We painted some of the rough dark cedar Alabaster white. We replaced the old exterior siding with some brand new hardy board siding. It made a big difference, but it wasn’t enough. I have a few projects planned to update this space, but the first one I wanted to start with was the media wall.

There is a wall in our sunroom that is brick, and it has an boarded up interior window. It is dark and looks very old and outdated. It also doesn’t help that my dog has chewed up the rug and made this space look even worse than it was to begin with. Gross, right?

Here is what I needed to do:

  • Brighten up the space

  • Cover the interior wall

  • And get rid of that rug!

All fairly easy things, but I had A couple options I was weighing on the best way to do this. I landed on covering up the wall with faux shiplap. I know, I know. Covering brick is usually a big no no, but this was a risk I was willing to take for the sake of design. I also chose to go with faux shiplap.

Normally shiplap is real wood that is tongue and groove. It looks great, but it is heavy and expensive. Because I was attaching this to brick, I wanted this to be as light as possible. I am also trying to stay within a budget, so going the more economical route seemed like the better option. I used thin plywood to do this, and will show you how in a future post. Stay tuned!

Okay, so are y‘all ready?? Here is what the updated space looks like now!

This new look completely lightens and brightens the space. It gives it added texture, dimension, and color. I am in love.

Here is what we did to get this look:

  • We attached 2x4s to the wall to support the faux shiplap and TV

  • We added a faux shiplap strips and painted them white

  • We used existing furniture, but we hung the TV above the media console

  • We added sconces to either side of the TV, but we did not hard wire anything (more to come on how to do that)

  • We added a brand new colorful rug

I love this space! I still need to decorate the top of the media console, but I am so happy with how this turned out. I have linked all the products I have used below. The media console table I have is almost 8 years old, so I linked similar products if you are looking for one.

Over the next week, I will be showing y'all how we attached the 2x4s to brick, how we installed faux shiplap, how to hang lights without hard wiring, and how we decorated our media console. Stay tuned!


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