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One Room Challenge: Week 2

If you missed it last week, I am guest participating in the Fall One Room Challenge, and the project I am going to be working on is our kitchen. I have never done a big kitchen renovation before, so I am excited to work on this. I am not replacing the cabinets (only painting the cabinets), but I am redoing everything else! This kitchen is bleak and needs some help, so I am super excited to have a beautiful kitchen I can cook in.

Here is what the kitchen currently looks like. It needs some love.

This is my mood board for what I want this kitchen to look like. I am going for blue cabinets because I think this house needs to break up up the white and gray.

I am also in the middle of moving, while doing this project, so I am going a little slower than normal for my projects. However, here is my list of things to get done this week. I have done most of these, but I will still have some work to do this weekend.

The most exciting thing I did this weekend was pick out a new rug for the kitchen. I know not everyone loves a rug in the kitchen, but I am a big fan. So I went to Instagram to have yall pick out the your favorite rug. These were the options y’all had to choose from.

Overwhelming the majority of you picked Option 1. So I went with Option 1...but I also found a spot for Option 2 because I love that rug so much. Option 1 will go on the left side of the Kitchen, and Option 2 will go within the actual U-shape of the kitchen.

What do you think about the rug choice?

I have some work to do this weekend, so head over to Instagram to follow long with the progress.


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