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Outdoor Patio Design

My sister has a massive patio for her apartment. Seriously y'all, I have never seen anything this big in an apartment. It is huge. Probably bigger than her own apartment. Since it was such a big space, she needed help decorating, which was great news for me. So I got started designing.

Lane needed a few things in this space:

  • Turf for her doodle, Fynn

  • A dining table outside since her apartment didn’t have space for a table inside

  • Sitting area for her friends to hang out

Based on her non-negotiables, I put together this design for her:

She loved it! So I got to work making this design a reality. After a couple weeks of gathering furniture and building her a table (check out how I did that here), I am ready to show yall the final product.

What do you guys think of this space?


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