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Puck Light Trick

One of the things I had to have when I was redesigning the media wall in our sunroom were a pair of sconces. My mom always had these awesome sconces in our house growing up that my Dad gave her. I love them, and I always thought they added so much character to our home. Because I wanted to try to create a lot of character in this space, I knew that adding sconces to my media wall was exactly what this space needed.

Here was the problem. The wall was not wired for sconces, and I really did not want to pay for an electrician to come out and wire it. So this was just the project for me to use the puck light trick. I first heard about this trick on Nesting With Grace. Check out her blog to see how she has used this to create really cozy spaces in her home and her clients home.

I decided I was going to use the Nesting with Grace ”magic light trick” to create sconces on my wall. I am so glad I made this decision. The sconces really added a coziness factor, creamed the TV really well, and was the perfect touch I needed to complete this wall. Check out the impact the sconces had.

So good, right?? This is literally the easiest DIY project that you could ever do, and it looks like it was professionally done, which is always a big win in my book.

The Puck Light Trick

Supplies Needed:

Sconces (I used these)


  1. Install the sconces where you want them on the wall

  2. Place the puck light where the lightbulb would go and secure using the sticky tape that comes with the lights to the metal or the shade.

  3. Use the remote to turn the light on and off.

That’s all you need to do. It is that easy, and it creates such a warm and cozy environment in your space.

Have you done this before?? Would you use this trick instead of calling an electrician out to your house?


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