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Redoing an Old Deck

Y’all we did a MUCH needed DIY project this week. We redid our deck. We have been putting this project off for a very long take, but we finally bit the bullet and started working on it before it got too hot to brave the Texas heat.

Before we started demoing the deck, I thought we were going to have to redo the whole entire thing. Honestly, I was pretty overwhelmed by this and thought this was going to take several weekends to do. So we bought supplies to redo the entire deck, but after we demoed it, we realized the joists and the foundation did not need to be redone. Rookie mistake. Learn from me - don’t buy supplies until after the demolition is complete.

If you need to redo your entire fence, check out this post from Home Depot. It has everything you need.

Anyways, back to the project. Here is what our deck looked like before. Gross.

I think this deck was at least 30 years old, and I am not convinced that there was ever wood sealer or stain on the deck, which made it even grosser. It was time for an overhaul. I am going to walk you through how to do it.

How We Redid Our Deck



1. Demo your deck. Once we demoed our deck, we realized the joists and the foundation were in really good shape. Whoever built this deck, attached the joists with some serious buried poles, so we were not about to mess with that.

2. Protect the existing wood with wood sealer. Paint the wood sealer on the existing wood and on the back of the wood you are going to use to redo the deck. Let dry.

3. Clean out the space underneath the deck and grade the dirt if necessary.

4. Cut the wood planks to size and begin attaching to the joists using deck screws and an impact driver.

Here is what our deck looked like with all the planks and before we stained it.

So good, right? Now we need to protect it from all the elements. We chose to stain this deck.

5. Using a paint edger, stain the edges of the deck, and using a paint roller, stain the rest of the deck. Touch up with the paint brush. Repeat until you have reached the desired coverage. Let dry.

That‘s it! It does take some time, but it is worth it. Check out how good our deck looks like now:

Doesn’t it look so much better! Let me know what you think!


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