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Sunroom Design

Now that the media wall in the sunroom is finished, I can now start working on the rest of the room. I have already done a lot to this room, but it just isn’t where I needed to be. Check out how dark and outdated this room was when we moved in.

So bad, right?? Since that picture was taken, we have:

  • Painted the cedar paneling

  • Replaced the floors

  • Replaced the walls

  • Replaced the doors

  • Limewashed the brick

  • Shiplapped a wall

Once we did all of that, our room was starting to look much better. Here is how far we have come with this room.

But there is still more I need to do. Here is what else I need

  • Get a new rug to coordinate with the media wall

  • Paint the back door

  • Install window treatments

  • Get new pillow covers

  • Create a window shelf for plants where the interior window is

In all, this is pretty easy work and only a few of these projects will take some time. So I need to get to work. This is the mood board plan I am going to be working from. You can also shop these products in the picture links.

What do you think of the space?

Can’t wait to show y’all what this looks like when I am finished!



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