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Update Living Room Bookshelves

Now that we have an office with bookshelves to store all our books, it was time to move our books to the office and update our living room shelves. Our living room bookshelves were really functional before. All of our books were stored in these shelves. I was still wanting a warm and cozy feel, but with a more sophisticated look. This is what our shelves looked like with the books.

To start the makeover, I took all the books off the shelves.

Then I removed some of the shelves, to create dimension and create space for larger items.

Quick and easy! Then it was time to start adding decor to the shelves. I used some existing pieces that I had, but also bought some new things from Target and Amazon. Some of my Target purchases are from their latest collaboration with McGee & Co., and the pieces are awesome! Check out the pieces I used for my updated shelves.

I placed the plants in the larger areas of the bookshelf and scattered the other decor across the shelves so there was dimension on each shelf. Check out the end result.


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