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Updating Cabinet Hardware

The easiest project I did during my kitchen remodel was updating the kitchen hardware. Y’all. If you want to make a big impact in your kitchen with little effort and little money. Hardware is where its at!

Once I was done painting the cabinets, updating the trim, and tiling the walls, my next step was to update the hardware. The previous hardware used in this kitchen was silver. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Check out the hardware before in the picture below. It’s just vanilla.

This house was struggling to find it‘s indentity when we bought it. Some of it was outdated, some of it was modern, some of it was farmhouse, and some it was just awful. As we renovate this house we are trying to give it an identity and reflect who we are. We are not changing the floors because that is a pain and expensive, so we are using the floor as our muse.

So, when I was trying to find hardware, I wanted some thing that was classy, soft, but also had a twinge of a cottage feel to make the floor looked like they belong. I found these fabulous handles and knobs that Liberty makes. You can find them at Home Depot and Wayfair. They are a brushed gold so they are soft and they have the perfect amount of detail to bring in the cottage feel. I love them.

We installed these pretty easily in our kitchen. We replaced all the doors with knobs and used pulls for all the drawers. Mixing this up also gives it some dimension and helps with the incorporate the cottage feel. Want to see what the hardware looks like on the cabinets? Same.

I can’t get over how fabulous the cabinet pulls are. I never thought I would fall in love with cabinet hardware, but I think I just did. Do you love these as much as I do??


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