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Weekend Roundup - April 26, 2020

Y'all I took on a big project this weekend: repairing and staining our old fence. Truthfully, I would like to replace the fence entirely, but we will have to save up for that. Anyways, since I have been working on my backyard for the past couple weeks and will continue to do so for the next couple weeks, my favorite things of the week are coming from my most recent project.

I have done my fair share of staining. I have stained a fence in another house, I have stained shutters, and I have stained a lot of furniture. I have several favorite stains, and I have usually used Behr for stains in the past, but this time I decided to mix it up and went with the Ready Seal Stain. I am so happy with the choice. The color is rich, dark, and brown. I have already received compliments from my neighbors!

In my opinion, staining takes longer than painting. Especially a fence. There is something about the cedar soaking in the wood and how big fences can be that makes it take forever. Do not attempt to stain a fence by hand. It will take you a year. Grab a paint sprayer and get your fence covered in a weekend. This tool is awesome! We have used it to stain several fences.

We've had these string lights in our backyard for a couple years now, but I was reminded this weekend how much I love them. We had to unplug them when were staining, so we had several nights without them. They bring so much light, warmth and character to a backyard. These are a must! I can't wait to show y'all a picture of these in our backyard.


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