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The Best Smokey Blue Quilts

After deciding that I wanted a gray comforter on my bed, I needed to find a quilt that went with the other design elements. I also firmly believe that blue is a neutral color and can go in any space. I wanted a quilt that fit with the gray comforter and went with the green wall color I picked out. I decided that a smokey blue was the best option. This color was muted and had some grey tones that went with the rest of the bedding I picked out. Below I am compiling some of my favorite smokey blue quilts that I found.

Pottery Barn

I have previously discussed how much I LOVE Pottery Barn. I have used their bedding and home decor many times over the years. They have comforters and quilts made out of different types of materials depending on what you are looking for. This one is made out of cotton. Pottery Barn is always a good option if you want to pick bedding that will last a long time

and looks great in your room!

The Company Store

The Company Store is a new favorite store of mine! Before this home remodel, I had not purchased many products from them. When looking for Duvets I decided to go with one from this store. They had a lot of options to choose from. To be honest, it was a little overwhelming. I decided to look for quilts from this company, as well. This was the smoke blue quilt that we ultimately chose for our bedroom. It is a great option for people, but might not be the best option for people with dogs. However, I would highly recommend this company.

West Elm

Another of my favorite shops to go to for home decor is West Elm. This quilt is more blue than the previous quilt. West Elm has more of a mid century vibe to it, but is similar to Pottery Barn. I have used their bedding in my last couple of homes and it has held up great. This is a great option for people who have dogs or are rough on their bedding.


I have not used Wayfair for their bedding in the past, but have shopped their website for other home decor. They have great products at a very reasonable price. Based on the reviews, the quilt is soft and comes true to the color. This quilt not only comes in this color, but comes in other colors, as well. I think this is a great budget friendly option.

Smokey Blue Quilt Links

What are some of your favorite places to buy duvet covers? What are your favorite color duvet covers?


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